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Website Maintenance

With the world growing digital, the success of any business now depends on the performance of the website. This is the main point to contact for the customers and company. Ensure to update and maintain your website regularly. Only the properly maintained website has the capability to target the market and effectively communicate with the customers. If the website not maintained timely, you are likely to miss the potential customers. We at Online Strikers believe that just making a website is not a one-time task; it’s a regular work that your business website requires.

At Online Strikers, we believe in providing a complete support and are a long time commitment. We make your website look fresh and appealing all the time. So, take our help and our team of experts will always update and perform maintenance service regularly.

Benefits of regular website maintenance
Attract new visitors: A fresh website attracts customers and increases the popularity of the brand. It also maintains the existing customers and attracts new traffic. If the website contains outdated content or design, visitors are likely to skin your website after the first-page visit. Our team help to maintain and update the content that you can share with the social media and other platforms.

Boost Search Engine Ranking: Search engine catch the attention of the new contents and well-maintained websites. With this, your website should be timely maintained to meet the parameters of the search engines. We perform various activities to make your website user-friendly and rank it higher in the search engine.

Satisfy Existing Customers: We have a team of experts who maintain your website with the right elements and satisfy your existing and new customers. When the content is fresh and appealing, visitors will visit it frequently and will also share with the new users. The frequent visitors to the website also build a loyal audience base.

How we perform website maintenance for different businesses?
We hold the complete responsibility to create great websites, web assets and keep them updated and fresh. Our experts know what exactly a website need and they believe in inventing new elements for your website. At Online Strikers, we have a specialised maintenance team; possess knowledge of the latest updates, events, locations, and products and services of the client. We handle activities like Site implementation, User Testing across browsers, Maintenance training and Website Goes Live. We regularly keep us update on the latest trends to provide you with the best website maintenance service.

Why prefer Online Strikers for website maintenance?
We know that it is hard for a company to devote enough time to website updating. Online Strikers have dedicated teams to provide you personalised support and periodically maintain your website as per the market change. We provide original content to the website and ensure that it looks newly-minted every time. We have gained popularity due to the following facts:

  • Provide new and effective content that help clients to do business
  • Make the website attractive, educative and helps in expanding the business
  • Rank the website high and search engine friendly and is updated regularly by our expert team
  • Easily improve the brand image of a company
  • Keeps the website information updated and accurate


What is Website Maintenance?

include revising, editing, or otherwise changing existing web pages to keep your website brand new. The periodic adding of new web pages is also part of website maintenance services. Website maintenance is an imperative requirement to keep the website up to date and functionally effective to serve the objectives of the company in best way. Websites are required to be maintained because of the daily updates, news and other uploads.

What is covered in the website maintenance plan?

We have a long list of services that we provide to our customers. Moreover, we welcome the special requires and other helps that your website need. Just look at the ready list to understand the maintenance plan with the detailed description.

How long does it take to make changes in the website?

This depends on what needs to be changed and the number of changes requested. As a regular exercise, we take 24 business hours to complete the changes and provide confirmation to the client.

How to start with the website maintenance plan or service?

You need to determine your website maintenance need and choose from the available website maintenance package. We set up an online account for each client for online payment. We also provide a personal representative will contact for the detailed information and steps.